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Among the highly-rated educational destinations in Asia, Malaysia sits in the top five. Malaysia is a country rich with colorful festivals, vibrant cultures, delicious cuisines, and welcoming people. With such beautiful factors, it is no surprise that most international students choose Malaysia as their dream study destination. After the independence of Malaysia (1950), the country has grown at an impressive pace. Moreover, the country’s current economy has diversified in many ways such as tourism, medical tourism, and education, by maximizing the country’s profit. Since the country is filled with diversity and prosperity, it is one of the best study destinations for students looking forward to studying in a foreign country. Here are few key reasons to study in Malaysia;

Best universities

Ten years back, Malaysia was not famous as a study destination for international students. But the country has developed so fast, and most international students find Malaysia as one of the convenient study destinations for them. Since Malaysian universities are counted within the top 200 universities globally, more than 100 000 international students come to Malaysia to pursue their higher education. The country offers more than 151 tertiary courses. Some foreign universities have been set up in Malaysia and offer their studies at a much lower cost.  Another advantage you would have is that you can still receive the degree from the parent university situated in another country. Some of the top-ranked universities in Malaysia are:

  • University of Technology, Malaysia
  • Tun Hussein Onn University of Malaysia
  • Northern University, Malaysia
  • University of Malaysia, Kelantan
  • National Defence University of Malaysia

Luxurious life for a very little amount of money

There are lesser tuition fees in Malaysia compared to European and American universities. Therefore, most western students are amazed by the low living cost of the country. Even with this low cost of living, students can live a very comfortable life with about 1100 MYR. This includes food, accommodation, and your other daily expenses.

If you are a food lover, this is the right place for you! Malaysia has a wide variety of cuisines from different cultures at a meager price. The most exciting fact about foods in Malaysia is they have hundreds and hundreds of street foods. Other than that, local cuisines in Malaysia influence Malay, Thai, Chinese, Indian and Javanese culture, and you can try different delicious flavors and recipes from one place.

Affordable tuition fees

Compared to many other European, Australian, and USA universities, Malaysia offers a very prestigious degree program at a very affordable price. Besides that, students can do international degree offers from the USA, UK, or Europe-based universities but pay the Malaysian fee. If you decide to study in a public university in Malaysia, it will cost USD 1500 to USD 6000 per year. Education at a private university or an institute can cost nearly USD 9000 per academic year.


For people who love to live in a tropical climate, Malaysia is the best place to be. The country has sunshine and bright sunlight every day. Malaysia is a great study destination, especially for Asian students who do not like to suffer in a cold climate. Since the country’s average temperature is 28C, students can travel to any place at any time and chill.


According to the 2017 Global peace Index, Malaysia has become the 29th safest country in the world. Compared to some other countries in Asia, Malaysia has a low crime rate. In addition to that, the country does not suffer from natural disasters, which makes it a peaceful place to study and live in.

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