Top 5 Reasons to Study Medicine in Europe

Start palanning to Study Medicine in Europe. Medicine is a life-changing career. Once you get into the decision of studying medicine, you must spend five or six years of your life in medical school. So, earning a medical degree is not a simple task. It is a decision that should be taken according to your desires, life goals, capability, and your financial status. But unfortunately studying medicine is unbelievably competitive because there is only a limited number of study opportunities available in this field. Due to the limited opportunities in this field, most medical schools have higher competitive admissions and requirements. Other than that, most of the universities which offer medical degrees charge higher course fees. Even applicants have the required qualifications to apply, they have to take their steps backward due to financial obstacles. But if you are really looking forward to starting your medical studies, on a low budget Europe is the best study destination you will never regret. So, let´s take a closer look at why you should consider Europe as your study destination.

Cost when you decide to study medicine in Europe

Medical schools in Europe cost less than compared to the medical schools in the USA and some other countries. Especially, if you are a student from the EU you don’t need to pay a tuition fee to study in Sweden or in Germany. Belgium and Italy also offer great opportunities for international students to study medicine at a very low cost. If you decide to pursue your medical studies in Austria, here is good news for you. If you are a student who comes from an EU/EEA member country, Switzerland, or at least from a developed country, you don’t have to pay a tuition fee for your medical degree. But, if you do not from the above-mentioned countries you only have to pay 800 euros per year.


In Europe, there are more than 100 medical universities that offer English language medical programs to attract international students. UK, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Poland, and the Czech Republic are some of the countries that offer medical degrees in English. Therefore, even you are from a country that use English as your native language you can easily get into university life in Europe. 

Less competition for entry

Although it is cheaper to study in Europe than in the USA or Canada, this does not affect competition for admission. Most European universities allocate a predetermined number of seats for international students. Therefore, you can apply to many universities until you eventually succeed. While US medical universities demand a bachelor’s degree in general science or premedical degree to pursue a medical degree, European medical universities do not demand a bachelor’s degree or pre-med course to pursue your studies. So, you can apply to European medical studies right after completing high school. 


The degree you get from a European university is recognized by the General Medical Council, General Dental Council, and World Health Organization. This helps you to practice as a doctor and get recognition as a doctor not only in Europe but also rest of the world. So, to become a doctor in a selected country as your choice all you need to do is register with the medical board in a particular country.  This process may include an examination or some interview process to prove you are capable of working as a doctor in the selected country. This is an addded recognition if you choose to study Medicine in Europe

Low cost of living when studying medicine in Europe

The cost of living in Europe is quite cheaper than in some countries like the USA, Australia, and Canada. Especially, Central and Eastern European countries have cheaper living costs compared to the remaining European countries. Also, almost all universities have their own student housing facilities where you can rent your accommodation facilities on a very low budget. If you select private accommodation to stay in while studying Medicine in Europe, it is still possible to get a house or a flat at an affordable price. 

Also, check out this list of European countries that offer free education to International students.

Obviously, studying abroad is a challenging task for everyone. But it improves your chances to be exposed with new cultures, communities and befriends with people all over the world. Moreover, having experience studying in European medical universities gives students the opportunity to learn with the latest technology and latest equipment. Finally, when you study Medicine in Europe you will be able to explore the country and nearby countries during your vacations on a very low budget. Studying in Europe is a greater chance for you to travel across the countries in the European region and experience their culture and historic values. So, while studying in Europe, you will learn to live independently in a foreign country and challenge yourself both academically and personally. 

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