How To Style A Skirt This Summer

Many of us are suffering from legs that are in dire need of sunlight. Now that we can finally get that dose of Vitamin D, throw those jeans into storage and get reacquainted with your skirts and dresses. If you’re unsure of how to rock this garment in 2021, there are tons of style tips for both contemporary and vintage-inspired looks to flex your feminine side this summer. 

1. Try a midi skirt

Midi skirts are the ultimate, versatile in-between skirt — their hem falls somewhere between a mini skirt and a maxi skirt. This kind of skirt makes your waist looks slimmer which complimenting curves. Pair it with a vintage tee or a silk tank.

2. Pair it with a white tee

This is perfect for statement pieces like a striped, polka dotted, or patterned skirt. A white tee and even some white tennis shoes will help even this look out without being too busy. The ultimate combo of cute and comfy. 

3. Try some pleats

No matter what length you go, pleated is always a stylish choice. In a shorter option, its gives off an old school cheerleader vibe, and if you go a little longer, it looks like a swoon-worthy renditions of eras past. Consider trying this look with a floral or pastel top  — there’s something that just screams summer about this look. 

4. Add texture

A button front silhouette is a fantastic way to add texture, and lengthen your look for shorter girls who wants to look taller. It can look more polished with a button-up shirt, and more casual with a plain shirt. 

5. Go bohemian

Boho-chic and gypsy maxis will never get old — channel your inner 1970s flower baby with a vibrant flowing maxi skirt paired with a tight bodysuit underneath, or a looser tee. A band tee is ideal. Even a crop top might work. We suggest wedges to lengthen this look.

6. Wear it with sneakers for an edge

Heels and sandals are always timeless to pair with a skirt, but if you wear sneakers, it adds a cool girl edge like never before. Even some beat up converse can add character to your look and earn more compliments. It’s appropriate for day and night.

7. Experiment with pencil skirts

Pencil skirts were popular in past decades, but in contemporary times, they’re less constricting and more soft and stretchy, in materials like knit and cotton. They can be worn casual, or formal, like with this black silk top. No incidents with wind blowing it up, and it’s always chic. 

8. Don’t be afraid of volume

Ballroom gowns aren’t exactly a thing in 2021, especially since many of us don’t have places to go. But as an alternative, consider a material like tulle, which can either be worn under single layer skirts, or on their own for a ballerina inspired look. 

9. Wear it with a jean jacket

Sweaters are out when it gets sunny. Don’t overheat — instead, go with a jean jacket. Cropped or baggy, a jean jacket dresses down a skirt just the right amount, but is still put-together enough to wear into the evening. 

10. Belt it

This can be with a skinny belt, a chunky one, or even a ribbon. Don’t be afraid to get creative! This cinched look can draw in your waist, making it look smaller while accentuating your hips and making an outfit look more complete, without requiring any jewelry or fancy shoes.

11. Buy a wide brimmed hat to go with it

This is an accessory that never gets tired- plus, it prevents your face from getting sunburned. Consider pairing it with a satchel bag and lace-up flats or oxfords. You can experiment with matching this hat to your bag or shoes, or just wear it as a bold pop of color on its own.

12. Try a wrap skirt

Whether you like elegant, Diane Von Furstenburg style wrap skirts or a shorter, more daring version, feel free to experiment with the wrap skirt in all shapes and forms this summer. Some of them have asymmetrical hemlines with a mod yet futuristic vibe that we love. 

13. Play with a sarong

Even if you can’t travel to the tropics right now, consider a sarong skirt, which is a lovely way to show off some leg rather than a boring slit. This is the perfect look for pool parties, picnic, or just to wear on the beach. In silk and satin, they’re particularly captivating.

14. As part of a coordinating set/suit

Think less boxy shouldered Working Girl looks, and more coordinated statements from Clueless. We love a matchy-matchy set with mini skirts especially — if you can find an identical print or color, more power to you. Otherwise, purchase a separate jacket in the same color or print. 

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