The Transformation Of The Obama Sisters

When you grow up in the spotlight, people literally get to see you grow up week after week and can follow the changes you go through as a person. We usually don’t bother with it because growing up really isn’t that exciting, but every once in a while a pair of youngsters turn up that’ll make you rematch how they’ve grown and make you appreciate them even more. Enter Malia and Sasha Obama.

The Obama girls have never had a normal life. When they were a very young age, their father was already the U.S. President, meaning they had to go everywhere with security guards. The only way to grow up normal in a situation like that is if you have a First Lady that can protect their kids emotionally while the Secret Service does the same physically. And if there’s anything we know about Michelle Obama, it’s that she’s a strong woman that’ll protect her kids when she needs to.

During Obama’s term we saw his daughters grow up to be lovely people inside and out. And despite them not being able to go to sleepovers without an armed guard sitting outside the door all night, they’ve managed to have a relatively normal childhood. One of the biggest perks of their status was that they were able to make fun of their dad on an international scale, which is something most kids can only dream of. That’s how we know Obama used to have an Afro, by the way.

Now that the girls have turned into grown women, they’re starting to go their own path. They’re no longer just known as being the former President’s daughters, and are both attending college to carve their own path. Their experience of living in the White House for eight years has given them a unique view on the world and forced them to grow up faster than most kids have to. Luckily Michelle was there to slow that process down as much as possible. 

With the girls being well on the way to forging their own path, you can’t help but be excited for what the future will bring. Which one will have the biggest impact? Do they want to have an impact at all? Maybe they’ll just finish college and start a quiet life somewhere, outside the spotlights that became so normal for them. Whatever the end result will be, these two great women have all the tools they need to make their dreams come true!

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